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Our Story

Over the past 60 years  S&S CHEESECAKE

Over the past 60 years  S&S CHEESECAKE has consistently achieved the coveted title of “America’s Most Savored and Exquisite Cheesecake.


Founded by Fred Schuster in 1960, S & S CHEESECAKE is still family owned and located in our original location on 238th St. in the Bronx.  Fred conducted experiments until he perfected the cheesecake recipe.  The same recipe is in use today.
All cakes are baked with the craftsmanship of an artisan, using only the finest ingredients. S&S Cheesecake’s founder is an innovative, culinary expert whose work ethic and dedication to his customers remains his life's mission.

We thank you for being a cherished part of the award-winning S&S Cheesecake family!

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